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Justin’s Bio

Justin T. Bowler hails from Camarillo, CA, home of the Scorpions. (Go Scorps!) As early as 5 years old he wanted to be an actor. Characters like Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood and Luke Skywalker seemed like ideal ways to live a life. Little did he know, there was more to acting than getting great parts… like eating… and having running water… inside your apartment

Discouraged by elders all around him, he had it burned into his brain that he needed a back up plan. Thanks to that line of thinking, he graduated from UCSB with two degrees: a BFA in Theatre and a BA in Communication.

Still slightly wary of the actor’s life in LA, after graduation he took a job as a producer at a production company in Santa Barbara. “I can still act? And receive a salary at the same time? This is all I could ever want.” It seemed too good to be true. And it was. Destiny kicked him in the pants and sent him to LA to pursue his dream

Height :    5.11
Weight :   175
Hair :          Black
Eyes :       Green


So now, you can peruse Justin’s TV/Film credits on his Acting page or Voice Over page. You can also find him hosting multiple events around North America on his Hosting page. If you check out his Gallery, then you will find a collection of headshots.

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